The Brewhaus

From Suits to Suds: Embracing the Craft Beer Adventure

September 25, 2023 Brian Crum Season 1 Episode 4
The Brewhaus
From Suits to Suds: Embracing the Craft Beer Adventure
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What if you could experience the rush of leaving behind a high-paying career to follow your passion for craft beer? In episode four of The Brewhaus, I, your host, Brian (aka: The BeerdBro), dive into this very world. I not only expose my own journey and love for craft beer, but also celebrate those who've taken the bold leap into the brewing industry. Sharing a bit about my background, from a certified drone pilot to a small business media agency owner, I set the tone to uncover the fascinating stories of people behind your beloved beer brands.

Ever wondered about the stories of the men and women behind your favorite craft beers? From airline pilots to lawyers, many have forsaken lucrative careers to follow their beer-brewing dreams, and it's these extraordinary tales I'm eager to share with you. The Brewhaus is not just about the beer, but rather the amazing people brewing it. Whether you're a brewer, a beer tender, or a beer enthusiast like me, I'm here to share your story. Enjoy this unique journey with me, as we delve into the lives of these audacious individuals who are shaping the craft beer industry. Cheers!

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Speaker 1:

Hey everyone, what's going on? It's TheBeardBro, and for this episode I wanted to do something a little bit different After putting out the first three episodes, which were super fun, by the way. In case you haven't listened to those, go back and check them out. I did realize, though, that some of y'all know who I am, but not many of you do so for this episode, I sat down with me. I wanted to share a little bit about who I am and why I started this podcast and where we're headed next. So sit back, hang out with me for just a few minutes. I promise I'll keep it short and sweet. So well, that said, let's go All right. So welcome back. Like I said, this is episode four here on the Brew House, and I wanted to take a minute to share just a little bit about who I am, where I come from and why I'm doing this whole beer podcast thing that I really, really really hope you enjoy. So here's a little about who I am. I go by the beard bro, of course, but my name is Brian and I am 37 years old. I live here in Northwest Arkansas with my wife, my one son and our two dogs, so I've got a little more than 15 years in marketing and media experience. But long story short, I always just felt like I never really fit in. So eventually I ended up leaving that world to run my own business and now I'm a certified drone pilot and small business media agency here in Northwest Arkansas. So, that said, I also am a lover of all things whiskey and, of course, craft beer. A little bit about who I am not. I am not a professional in the beer industry. I'm not a certified Ciceroan yet, although I would love to do that. I'm not a brewer and I've never even worked at a brewery before. I've been a bartender, but that's about as close as it gets right. So, but I'm absolutely fascinated by the brewing industry and how it exploded in recent years and I just love seeing how everything's coming together and I love sitting across the bar from someone and hearing how they got going in this industry. So, yeah, that's that's kind of the kickoff to it. When I started podcasting in early 2020, I actually had another show. That show was wide open. It was anything alcohol related we're talking beer, wine, spirits it didn't matter, I wanted to feature it all. So I had some great guests, had some awesome conversations, I learned a lot and I was able to reach a lot of people around the world. Like I can't remember how many countries we were in, but it was kind of mind blowing. I got to taste some really interesting drinks, most of which were really good, and then I made some friendships that are absolutely some of the best that I've ever had. I'm still friends with a lot of the brewers, the ventiners, distillers, all of that Still friends with them to this day, which is awesome. But as things would go, as time went on, I started realizing that and here's no offense to anybody but I just don't care about wine that much. I mean, like it's great, it's fantastic. I love the stories about the wineries, how they get going and everything, and the owners are incredible, but I just realized it's not what I'm really that passionate about, right? So same goes for seltzers. They're fantastic. I'd be lying if I didn't, you know, if I said I didn't have one. From time to time they're really cool, but honestly, that's not where my heart is. My heart's all about beer and the massive expansion of breweries and related beer industry businesses that come with it. So, that said, I walked away from that previous show completely and after I left that podcast, I went back to the drawing board and I started asking myself you know, what would I want to listen to? What do I want to hear more of when I'm listening to other podcasts? What do I wish that they would talk about? Right, and the thing that came back to me a lot I kept thinking about like it seems like there's a ton of podcasts out there that talk about the beers themselves. They talk about the brewing process, the brewery culture. They talk about how the brewery gets started and the locations they're at, which is really cool. They talk about what kind of hops they're using when they brew, and that's great. I love that beer knowledge. Actually, here's a moment for one of my nerdy little secrets that I love hearing about rare and exclusive yeast strains, like the one that's been cultured and kept alive by monks for more than 150 years. But that's like a whole different conversation, right? Like I love sitting down and hearing those stories. But after a lot of thinking and listening to hours and hours of other podcasts and having conversations with some of the closest people to me, usually over a pint, I knew exactly what I wanted to talk about. I wanted to share the stories of the awesome men and women behind the beer brands. So in my time as a podcaster, I met folks who left behind some awesome careers airline pilots, ceos, lawyers I mean, that's just naming a few of them. They left behind those crazy cool careers and very, very lucrative to chart their own course. They wanted to launch out into the world of craft brewing. Some started as home brewers, some just got a whim and kind of maybe had a midlife crisis, I think, and they said, hey, I want to do something different. So they left and they jumped in and I want to tell their stories. I want to tell who they are. I want to tell where they came from and what made them jump feet first into the crazy world of brewing. Right, like, let's face it, anyone can get into this world, but a lot of people fail and a few people make it really big. So I want to hear the stories of the people who are in the trenches every day. I want to talk to the people who are serving it up. I want to talk about the people who are brewing. I want to talk to the people who own the hops you name it. So here we are, we're four episodes deep into the brew house and I want to know here's my question to you as a listener who do you think I should interview next? I just want to get your gears turned in and I'll get you thinking about this, because I've got some great stories lined up. I've got several interviews already, you know, poisoned, ready to launch. But as I grow this thing, I want to make sure I continue to do things differently than anybody else and I want to make sure you know this is your show too. So if you're a brewer, a beer tender, someone else in the beer industry, if you grow hops, if you run a beer distributor, maybe you're that girl or guy that's like completed every round of beer passport at your local bar a lot of times. Now you consider yourself a little bit of an expert drinker. Maybe if you own the bar, that's fine. Whoever you are, if you've got a story to tell about the brewing industry, I want to hear it and I want to share it with others. So get in touch with me. You can hit me up at email, brewhouse, at remnantcocom that's B-R-E-W-H-A-U-S at remnantcocom. Or you can just check out the link in the show notes of this podcast and contact me through any of our social media channels. If we can get together in person, that's awesome, that's great, but if not, hey, it's 2020, so we'll make it happen one way or another. That's totally cool. I totally get the distance thing, and if you're interested in sponsoring the show or if you have another idea for a great partnership for us, reach out and let me know what you're thinking, because I'm always down for a good collaboration as long as it makes sense for you and for me. So, that said, I really don't have a lot more to say. I think that wraps up kind of the nutshell of why I started this podcast and who I am. I'm just a beer lover, guys. I'm somebody who wants to jump in feet first. I want to tell stories of everyone behind these awesome brands that we all enjoy every single week, every single year, and I just want to tell their stories. So thanks for listening. I look forward to sharing even more great stories with you here on the Brewhouse. Cheers, friends.

Speaker 2:

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Speaker 1:

Thanks again, thanks, friends.